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Welcome to the Surface Science Network WIKI.

The Surface Science Network project is an initiative aiming to create an interactive community among people that work in fields related to surface science. It counts with a discussion forum and a Surface Science online encyclopedia (Wiki).

Please contribute articles related to Surface Science! With small contributions of each of us we will soon be able to enjoy this reference tool when we need rapid access to a concept. We will as well, from time to time, transfer here the information that is generated by the discussions in the Surface Science Network forum.

You can easily create an account an contribute articles in the same way you would do with Wikipedia. The instructions for adding articles are described here . I might take a few minutes to read and learn how to create pages, add links to the text and upload images, or videos, but once you take some time to get used to it, then it get very simple.

  • We don ask for money to use this tool, but we would be very grateful if you contribute one or more articles and participate actively in improving the existing articles. Thank you for your contribution!

Latest articles:

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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